Everything You Need to Know About Brigadeiros

Everything You Need to Know About Brigadeiros

This classic Brazilian sweet treat is a dessert you’re guaranteed to love.

Looking to expand your dessert horizons? Look no further than brigadeiros. These decadent and delicious treats are the perfect single bite that will instantly satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead of more common classics like truffles or bonbons, brigadeiros are an amazing alternative that will bring a bit of Brazilian culture, right to your table.

What is a brigadeiro?

Brigadeiros are a chocolate dessert, similar to truffles. Made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and coated in chocolate sprinkles, they are typically small spheres that are served in mini cupcake-like foil liners. Like truffles, brigadeiros are a dense and sticky chocolate treat. They have the perfect amount of creaminess and a powerful chocolate flavor that makes for a delicious combination everyone will love. Because there is no sugar added to brigadeiros, aside from that in the condensed milk, they’re not overly sweet, either.




While the classic chocolate flavor is the most well-known and widely available, other unique brigadeiro flavors have begun popping up in pastry and sweet shops. Here at Obrigaderia, we make everything from brigadeiros coated in pistachio crumbs or almond slivers to an unconventional Oreo coating, offering creative variations on the classic recipe.




As the availability of gourmet flavors has grown, so has the love for brigadeiros. The endless variety ensures that everyone can find a flavor they love, making it the perfect dessert for any occasion. In addition to brigadeiros themselves, there are also other brigadeiro-inspired desserts like cookies and spreads that combine classic ingredients, like condensed milk and cocoa powder to deliver similar flavors. These alternatives are perfect for those who want to get their brigadeiro fix but also are itching to try something new.

What’s the history of brigadeiros?

Brigadeiros are a classic Brazilian sweet treat. These decadent desserts are a staple at any Brazilian event or family gathering, first gaining popularity after World War II. At the time, food rationing was in place and condensed milk quickly became a common substitution for sugar, fruits, and nuts in many desserts to add sweetness and creaminess to many recipes. Rumor has it that women began selling these sweet, chocolatey treats in support of presidential candidate Eduardo Gomes—who was also a famed Air Force Brigadier, nicknamed “The Brigadeiro.” And let’s not forget the witty slogan his supporters came up with… “Vote for brigadeiro, because he is good looking and single”.

Though Gomes went on to lose the election, the treat surged in popularity to become a staple. Shortly thereafter, Nestlé began producing both condensed milk and chocolate powder in Brazil, making all of the ingredients readily available and solidifying brigadeiros as a Brazilian staple.

Where can I get brigadeiros?

Brigadeiros are the perfect chocolate bite after dinner, as an afternoon snack, or any time you get a craving for something rich and sweet. While Brazilians are accustomed to the delicious bite, their popularity has gone global in recent years thanks to tourism and the increase in Brazilian immigration.

Because of the popularity of online shopping and growing prevalence of social media, brigadieros are now also available to those who can’t make it to a specialty sweet shop or hop on a plane to Brazil. The delicious treats are widely available online for purchase; there are also hundreds of recipes available online as well, so you can even try making your own!




If you’re looking to sample brigadeiros for yourself, Obrigaderia offers gourmet versions of these traditional treats. From the classic chocolate recipe to brigadeiro- and guava-filled shortbread cookies, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to something sweet or to gift a decadent and one-of-a-kind treat to someone special.

Explore all of our flavors and gift boxes to find the perfect treat to satisfy your cravings!

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