About Us

Hello! We Are Obrigaderia.

Obrigaderia specializes in gourmet brigadeiros. The name Obrigaderia is a mash-up of the word “Obrigado” meaning “thank you” and “brigaderia” which means “a place that makes brigadeiros.” Obrigaderia was born in 2017 by Erika Fernandes Guilherme and couldn’t be more excited to have started this passion right here in sunny San Diego. Brigadeiros are the most traditional Brazilian sweet. Our brigadeiro recipe consists of condensed milk, butter, and chocolate via a slow cooking process. They are similar to chocolate truffles but are much more creamier and softer. Obrigaderia only uses the highest quality ingredients and are carefully hand rolled one by one.

A sweet tooth, dreamer, and a hard worker are just a few words that define Erika. Brigadeiros have always been a part of Erika’s life since she was a kid and as any other Brazilian growing up. However, she never thought that her love for this dessert would actually turn into a business. Erika has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, and San Diego helped her turn that dream into a reality. In 2017, she also noticed that brigadeiros were mainly accessible within the growing Brazilian community, which then triggered her to pursue other channels of distribution. Brigadeiros are here in San Diego! Come try them with us!

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